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Xperia P (6.2.A.1.100) root

2013/07/14(Sun) 00:07

Jelly Bean になった Xperia P さんの root をずっと放置してたんですが、Bootloaderをunlockしないやり方があるみたいなので紹介。


ICSでroot取ってOTA Rootkeeper入れてからアップグレード。ICSのROMを焼いた時点でBoorloaderをrelockすればDRMも復活。




             Easy Rooting toolkit (v16.0)
                   created by DooMLoRD
                   "pref_event exploit"
   Credits go to all those involved in making this possible!
  Special thanks to: the_laser, Bin4ry, fi01, hiikezoe, [NUT]
  and to all those who are contributing to our git tree!
 [*] This script will:
     (1) root ur device using the pref_event exploit
     (2) install Busybox
     (3) install SU files
 [*] Before u begin:
     (1) make sure u have installed adb drivers for ur device
     (2) enable "USB DEBUGGING"
           from (Menu\Settings\Developer Options)
     (3) enable "UNKNOWN SOURCES"
           from (Menu\Settings\Security)
     (4) connect USB cable to PHONE and then connect to PC
     (5) skip "PC Companion Software" prompt on device
続行するには何かキーを押してください . . .
--- STARTING ----
* daemon not running. starting it now *
* daemon started successfully *
--- creating temporary directory
mkdir failed for tmp, File exists
--- cleaning
--- pushing files
159 KB/s (326 bytes in 0.002s)
770 KB/s (1578 bytes in 0.002s)
4274 KB/s (26268 bytes in 0.006s)
5142 KB/s (853044 bytes in 0.162s)
5222 KB/s (96260 bytes in 0.018s)
4330 KB/s (1858064 bytes in 0.419s)
--- DooMing device!
--- Correcting permissions
--- Running exploit

run_root_shell v6.0
Based on pref_event exploit

Modified for auto-rooting by DooMLoRD
Part of Easy Rooting Toolkit

Devices Supported:
Xperia Z (C6602/3) - 10.1.1.A.1.253/307
Xperia Z (C6602/3) - 10.3.A.0.423
Xperia ZL (C6502/3/6) - 10.3.A.0.423
Tablet Z (SGP321) - 10.1.1.A.1.307
Tablet Z (SGP311/2) - 10.1.C.0.370
Xperia ZR (C5502/3) - 10.1.1.A.1.310
Xperia SP (C5302/3/6) - 12.0.A.1.211/257/284
Xperia T (LT30p) - 9.1.A.1.141/142
Xperia TX (LT29i) - 9.1.B.1.67
Xperia V (LT25i) - 9.1.A.1.140/142/145
Xperia S (LT26i) - 6.2.B.0.200/211
Xperia SL (LT26ii) - 6.2.B.0.211
Xperia Acro S (LT26w) - 6.2.B.0.200/211
Xperia Ion (LT28h) - 6.2.B.0.211
Xperia P (LT22i) - 6.2.A.1.100
Xperia Go (ST27i/a) - 6.2.A.1.100
Xperia AX (SO-01E) - 9.1.C.0.473
Xperia Z (SO-02E) - 10.1.D.0.343
Tablet Z (SO-03E) - 10.1.E.0.265/269
Xperia GX (SO-04D) - 7.0.D.1.137
Xperia A (SO-04E) - 10.1.1.D.0.179
Xperia A (SO-04E) - 10.1.1.D.2.26
Xperia SX (SO-05D) - 7.0.D.1.137
Xperia SX (SO-05D) - 9.1.C.0.475
Xperia VL (SOL21) - 9.0.F.0.226
Xperia VL (SOL21) - 9.1.D.0.395/401
Xperia UL (SOL22) - 10.2.F.3.43
Google Nexus 4 - JDQ39
Google Nexus - JOP40C/JZO54K
LG Optimus G E975 - v10e

Changelog is posted here:

Device detected: LT22i (6.2.A.1.100)

Attempt perf_swevent exploit...
writing address is 8e49
Launching auto-root script!
Launching final rooting process...
--- Rooting!
--- Remounting rootfs
--- Killing RIC service (specific for new Xperia devices)
Unable to chmod /system/bin/ric: No such file or directory
Unable to chmod /sbin/ric: No such file or directory
--- Installing busybox
--- Remounting /system
--- copying busybox to /system/xbin/
1666+1 records in
1666+1 records out
853044 bytes transferred in 0.048 secs (17771750 bytes/sec)
--- correcting ownership
--- correcting permissions
--- installing busybox
--- pushing SU binary
rm failed for /system/xbin/su, No such file or directory
188+1 records in
188+1 records out
96260 bytes transferred in 0.007 secs (13751428 bytes/sec)
--- correcting ownership
--- correcting permissions
--- correcting symlinks
rm failed for /system/bin/su, No such file or directory
--- pushing Superuser app
3629+1 records in
3629+1 records out
1858064 bytes transferred in 0.216 secs (8602148 bytes/sec)
--- correcting permissions
--- DONE!
--- cleaning
--- Please wait device is now rebooting
続行するには何かキーを押してください . . .


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